Episode 1 Extras

Music Mix

Word For The Week – “Meats”

“The Lost Art Of Fingering”

Let’s not let it die fellas. #Fingering





Matt’s Song For The Week


2 Cents Radio – Episode 1

Here we are people…training wheels off and we release the first official episode of 2 Cents Radio! We discuss a variety of topics, including Fantasy Football, music and of course women. We debut the Youtube Standout Clip For The Week segment and speak on the Lost Art Of Fingering. Enjoy!

** Soundcloud only let’s us do one episode per week so for older episodes checkout the link below and then click on @2CentsRadio.


Pilot Episode Extras

After each episode we are going to make an effort to post some trinkets or Extras if you will. Things like Youtube clips, photos and audio related to the episode. Here are some Extras from the pilot episode.


@MAshley04 is afraid of…



Music Mix



Music Mix



@MAshley04 is also afraid of…



@JewRawls is afraid of…




We have borrowed this sign off from the 5:45 min mark.





Look closely…do you see the #THIRST ?


Pilot Episode

Here it is, 2 Cents Radio’s debut episode. In it we discuss women, music and our personally weird fears in life. ENJOY!

Music by Jay Electronica, Meek Mill, Michael Jackson…to name a few.






We want to welcome you all to the new home for 2 Cent’s Radio. Below is the test or what we like to call the Dry Run of the show. Pilot episode will be uploaded shortly. Tell a friend to tell a friend!